Wheel is one of the greatest achievements of human society. And today, you can see wheels everywhere around you in some or the other form. Since its discovery, it has been only evolving. It is a gadget which is moving the world through machines and automobiles and should not be treated as a mere basic invention by primitive man because it is precious.

The Different Stages Of The Wheel

Let’s take a look at how and when the innovations took place in a wheel.

The History- 3500 BC


  • It was 3500 BC when the oldest wheel was invented in Mesopotamia. It was used as a potter’s wheel.
  • Three years later in 3200 BC, the first wheel for transportation purposes was used to move Mesopotamia chariots.
  • Still it was not completely ready to serve as a proper wheel for transportation, hence, camels were used for the same.
  • In Middle East, the use of wheels was limited. They were only used for pottery, milling and irrigation purposes.

A New Era- 1000 BC- 18th Century

  • This was the era of wheel enhancements.
  • 1000 BC- The ancient wheels were slightly improved. Iron rims were produced to frame the original pieces.
  • 1802 BC- Now, the round wire tension spokes that are used in bicycles, were introduced.
  • 1845 BC- First pneumatic tyre was invented by R.W. Thompson.
  • 1888 BC- John Dunlop reinvented the pneumatic tyre replacing the hard rubber that was used in the manufacturing of bicycles of that time.

The Invention Of Wheels For Automobiles- 1885 BC- 1930 BC

  • 1885 BC- Karl Benz developed the first ever automobile wheel
  • 1910 BC- Invention of sturdy tyres took place during this time. The B.F. Goodrich company launched durable tyres by adding carbon to the rubber
  • 1926 and 1927 BC- Steel welded spoke wheels came into being.

The Modern Wheels

Over the years, the entire history has experienced major improvements in wheels and today what you have are these top notch designs and models in wheels. The two major types of automotive wheels available today are:

Steel Wheels

  • They are inexpensive
  • Easy to manufacture in different shapes
  • Easy to repair than alloy wheels

Alloy Wheels

  • These are light-weight wheels
  • These are made using a combination of magnesium, nickel and aluminum and other light weight metals
  • Alloy wheels look attractive and are more conductive than the ones made in steel

At A Glance- Wondrous Wheels Of Today


  • With absolute black/premium precision milling
  • Available in top class Tru chrome finish
  • Comes in three sizes- 22×9.5, 24×10.0 and 6×10.0

Big Bang Sport BSP31

  • Comes in three types of finishes- metallic black, glossy gray and satin black
  • Available in four sizes- 15×6.5, 16×7.0, 17×7.0 and 18×8.0

2 Crave

  • Trendsetter, classic, elegant and finest in design
  • Available in varied finishes- black diamond, glossy black, signature series, etc.

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